For online consultations, in the privacy of your own home, please click on  Contact then call or email me to arrange a convenient time that will best suit you.


If your overall health and wellbeing is concerning you , please phone or email for a healing consultation which allows me to spend focused time with you.


Consultations are available by personal appointments.

On line consultations are also available.

Personal appointments  can be made by contacting me either by phone or email. I will then allocate you an appointment time that best suits you.  We can then discuss together all the issues pertaining to your health. 


Your consultation will traditionally take approximately one hour, and during that time a case history will be taken.  Nutritional advice and Iridology are also part of the initial consultation. 

Initial Clinic consultation fee is $80 for one hour.

Followup consultation fee is $50 for 1/2 hour.



Please contact Toni for more information regarding healing consultations.