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Naturopathy and naturopathic medicine are based on the following principles:


The Healing Power of Nature:  Nature acts powerfully, through healing mechanisms in the body and mind, to maintain and restore health. Naturopath's work to restore and support these inherent healing systems by using herbal medicines together with diet and lifestyle techniques that are in harmony with nature.


First Do No Harm:  Naturopath's prefer non-invasive treatments that eliminate the risks of harmful side effects. They use herbs, vitamins and minerals, and are trained to distinguish which patient can be safely treated with naturopathic medicine, and which patient may need to be referred to another health care provider.


Find the Cause: Every illness has an underlying cause. This cause often involves lifestyle, diet or individual habits. A naturopath is trained to find and address the underlying cause of a disease.


Treat the Whole Person: Health and disease are the result of a complex interaction between physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Naturopath's treat the whole person, taking into account all of these factors.


Preventive Medicine: The naturopathic approach to health care can prevent minor illnesses from developing into more serious or chronic degenerative diseases. Patients are taught the principles for living a healthy life. By following these principles, they are more likely to prevent major illnesses and promote health and well-being.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is one of the most ancient forms of healing available to mankind.  It supports a holistic treatment of the person, focusing on the prevention of disease as well as specific herbal remedies that will effectively treat the presenting condition.


 Herbs are multi-faceted with many uses for the same herb.  For this reason there is no simple way to categorize herbs and their uses. Most practicing herbalists have an intuitive feel for the healing properties of the herb. This makes herbal medicine a form of art, in addition to being an exact science.

Effectiveness of Herbs

There are two primary concerns when following any system of health care. Firstly, is it effective?  and secondly, are there any side effects? While herbs have a significant, yet gentle, effect on the body, most herbs have no side effects at all. If used properly, and at the correct dosage, they will work exceptionally well for a wide variety of ailments.




I first saw Toni Green following surgery to remove ovarian cysts.  I was exhausted, emotional, in pain and suffering from many of the symptoms of early onset menopause. 

When I visited Toni’s rooms, I found a professional, empathetic, thorough practitioner. I was immediately set at ease by Toni’s obvious compassion and competence.  She not only identified the issue that had brought me to her but also identified other health issues that I had not mentioned.  Toni treated my symptoms but went beyond that to develop a wellness plan for me.  Within weeks, I was no longer experiencing the pain and symptoms and my overall health was improved. 

Siobhan - Adamstown NSW

 l was suffering from anxiety and depression and  found it difficult to concentrate or relax. It got to the point where l was becoming so distressed l didn't want to see anyone and l was lying down most of the time.After consulting with Toni she recommended a Herbal tonic and within 4 to 6 weeks l felt significantly better.Today l no-longer suffer from depression or anxiety. l highly recommend Toni

Rob - Charlestown NSW


Iridology is the term used to describe a non-invasive diagnostic tool where the Iris of the eye is studied under magnification using a special iris torch. Through careful observation of Iris signs, pigments and structure by the practitioner, the client can learn about their constitutional strengths and weaknesses, pathways to disease, psychological influences on health and specific imbalances or needs within their body.


One of the main advantages of Iridology is the information gained about the person's constitution. The constitution describes the disposition of the individual's whole person from the basis of genetic inheritance.


Analysis of markings, pigmentations and pupilliary dynamics in the eye can be used to form a diagnosis, and with this, specific information so that a  healing program can be developed.




Initial Consultation: 1 hours - $80

  • Overall Health Assessment

  •  Iridology Assessment

  • Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

  • Nutritional Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan for course of treatment

  •  Educational materials


Follow-Up Consultations: 1/2  hour - $50

  •     Health  Evaluation

  •     Nutritional Evaluation

  •     Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

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